Top weirdest animal mating rituals

Top 10 weirdest animal mating rituals

Top weirdest animal mating rituals

Anglers claim not only to be the creepiest fish on the planet but also have the craziest mating process ever. 
The male, ten times smaller than the female, bites into her, and then literally … grows into her body, becoming an appendage for the production of sperm. One female can carry several such “husbands” on herself.

Octopuses Argonauts stand out for their mating skills even among other octopuses. 
Males have a special tentacle that carries spermatozoa, while approaching the female, breaks off from the body and goes to the target, independently climbing where it is necessary. 
Thus, for males, this is the first and last sex in life, while females wait until the birth of their offsprings.

Whiptail, lizards from the Teiid family, reproduce without males at all, by parthenogenesis. 
At the same time, oddly enough, they have a mating ritual – two lizards act to mate for a month, one as a male, the other as a female. 
After two weeks, they switch roles.

Garter snakes, or garden snakes, do not recognize single mating. 
As soon as the mating season begins in April-May, the males wait for the females to appear from the holes, and then pounce on them. 
Since there are fewer females than males, there are sometimes more than ten “gentlemen” per “lady”, forming a huge intertwined ball. 
In a small area, thousands of snakes can mate at the same time.

Bedbugs are known to be bloodthirsty, but they also have an inadequate craving for reproduction. 
The bed bug can copulate dozens of times a day, piercing the partner with its sharp genital organ anywhere. 
However, this does not harm the female. 
As a result, a new generation of females may be born with additional genital openings all over their bodies.


Big pandas do well in zoos, with one exception – until 2000, they explicitly refused to breed there. 
It turned out that everything goes much more successfully if you let the pandas watch the mating of wild pandas on video, that is, in fact, cheer them up through pornography.

Clownfish are hermaphrodites from birth, changing their sex as they grow older and change their social status. 
All juveniles are males in a group ruled by an adult female. 
When she dies, the oldest male changes sex and takes her place.

Brown marsupials, belongs to the order of carnivorous marsupials.
In the mating season, males fall into a real rampage, mating for hours with different females and, as a result, dying from exhaustion.

Porcupine females are ready to mate within an extremely short period of time – 8 to 12 hours only once a year. 
A male, wishing to attract the attention of his beloved, should stand on his hind legs and properly spray her with his urine. 
If the ritual is done correctly, the porcupines are ready to breed.

Spotted hyenas live in a highly matriarchal society. 
Their females are not only larger and stronger than males but also have clitoris the size of full-fledged penises. 
Getting into the necessary hole for males during the breeding season is not an easy task, despite the fact that the female continues to dominate during the process.

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