Taiwan defeats coronavirus myths with memes

Taiwan defeats coronavirus myths with memes

In Taiwan, less than 500 people were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus during its entire period of effect. To combat the coronavirus myths that flooded the Internet, the Island’s government took the route of humor and memes.

Of the 24 million people living in Taiwan, only 496 have become infected with COVID-19. Such a low figure is associated with the timely actions of the island’s government. Despite the proximity of China, Taiwan has prevented the spread of the epidemic in itself. The customs services quickly mastered and began to put into practice new programs that analyze the tourist’s travel route and identify his risk of infection. Also, Taiwan has opened a service with which you can report the symptoms of the disease.

Taiwan’s digital ministry consulted with comedians to develop viral campaigns like this one featuring the state’s premeier, Su Tseng-Chang

But the island struggled not only with the spread of the infection itself, but also with rumors about it. When the pandemic first started, some users began to spread the rumor on the Internet that the island would soon run out of toilet paper, as the raw materials for it began to be used for sewing masks. Within hours of spreading this information, the Taiwanese Prime Minister released infographics to refute rumors and discourage citizens from stockpiling toilet paper.

The government also made recommendations for social distancing through Shiba Inu dog memes. For example, an infographics distributed by the government said: “On the street, keep two Shiba Inu apart, and indoors, three Shiba Inu apart.”

The state’s “spokesdog,” a Shiba Inu named Zongchai, delivers safety guidelines to the public

In addition, Taiwan had an active dialogue with citizens, discussing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The inhabitants of the island have long had good relations with the authorities, so they fulfilled all the requirements and recommendations of the government. This is believed to have helped the island successfully survive the pandemic.

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