Eco-Friendly Tips For A Healthier Earth Week

Eco-Friendly Tips For A Healthier Earth Week

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22!

Here are a few earth-friendly tips for you to adopt:

Did you know Reduce Reuse Recycle is in that order for a reason? The most important thing is to reduce how much plastic and other difficult to recycle materials you purchase by choosing reusable alternatives or more recyclable materials like glass or aluminium.

The U.S. uses 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour! 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. Try to choose options with less plastic packaging to save our oceans and landfills.

Encourage companies to be more eco-conscious with calls, tweets, and emails. Ask them to be more transparent and to work with suppliers and farmers with sustainable practices. You can also buy sustainably made products to help increase the market.

Believe it or not, the process of making many of the clothes we buy causes a lot of pollution, even our favorite cotton outfits. Buying fewer pieces that are more interchangeable and durable can help. Or try sustainably made clothing.

Some popular store-bought weed killers and insecticides are harmful to us, the environment, and some beneficial insects and animals. Searching out homemade natural products, or using even a little elbow grease might do the trick!

Have you stopped to notice all the little one-time-use plastics you use in your kitchen? Reusable produce bags for grocery shopping and silicon sandwich bags you can put in the dishwasher are two great ways to reduce your plastic usage! You can even try reusable beeswax plastic wrap alternatives!


Choosing to eat plant-based over animal-based when you can is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. The production of meat is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and high water usage. So next time you order food, maybe try the meatless burger!

Switch over to menstrual cups, Did you know that one sanitary napkin contains the plastic equivalent to over 4 polythene bags and takes over 800 years to degrade? A menstrual cup can be used for over 3 years and degrades much faster. Not to forget, you can run and swim while using it.

Heard about thrift shopping? Now try it. New clothes need nor be harmful if you are reusing them. Most clothes are thrown away after one or two wears. So, they are as good as new. Encourage thrift shopping by buying for yourself and gifting others.

Gift pack using reusable materials. Use old plastic wrappings or covers to wrap that Christmas gift next time. It’s better than using fresh paper even though the paper is biodegradable. Because paper ultimately comes from trees as well.

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