Earth laws will be invalid, Elon Musk to make his own law on Mars.

This month, SpaceX released the beta version of the Starlink global satellite system to a number of testers. However, things did not go the way they were meant to…

Anarchy or Improved Democracy? It seems that Elon Musk decided to conduct an experiment on Mars and see what happens if you combine these two concepts.

After carefully reading the user agreement, one of the Twitter users discovered that early testers are signing up for much more than they thought.

“With regard to services provided on Mars or during transit to Mars using a spacecraft or other colonization apparatus, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet, and that no earthly government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities,” the terms of service says Starlink. “Accordingly, all disputes between the parties will be resolved on the basis of self-government principles established in good faith during the Martian settlement.”


Interestingly, this hitch in the agreement was noticed exactly one week after SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell announced that the company plans to provide Starlink satellites not only on Earth, but also on Mars. “Once we get humans to Mars, they will need communication networks,  Shotwell said . “In fact, I think having a network like Starlink around Mars is more important [than here on Earth].”

Earlier, Elon Musk has already spoken out about “power and government” on Mars. During the annual South by Southwest Festival in 2018 Musk said that “most likely the form of government on Mars will be something like direct democracy, with people voting without government.”