Batteries of electric buses turned into batteries for a factory

Batteries of electric buses turned into batteries for a factory

Volvo Buses has found a way out of the situation with the disposal of its used batteries of electric buses.

Sweden has decided not to throw away the used batteries of electric buses. Batteries are converted into stationary energy storage for residential buildings.

The Swedish company Volvo Buses, which, in addition to traditional buses, also produces electric buses, presented a project for the use of batteries that have exhausted their resource in vehicles, but are suitable for storing energy in stationary storage facilities.

Volvo Buses noted that electric buses are ideal for urban transport as they are quiet and do not pollute the air with exhaust gases. In addition, every electric bus is almost completely recyclable after decommissioning, and the only element that has not been recycled was the batteries. But now they have found a use.

All used batteries of electric buses are removed and installed in ordinary residential buildings. An accumulator with a capacity of 200 kW • h provides a reserve of energy that a family of two consumes for a month in their city apartment. The decommissioned batteries are combined into stationary energy storage facilities, which are connected to solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings.


The stored energy is used for street lighting and lighting of common and utility rooms. When the batteries are fully charged, they release excess energy into the citywide electrical grid, and can also be powered from it if necessary. These batteries support the grid during peak periods.

Once the batteries are unsuitable for use in stationary storage, they are disposed of. All components that can be recycled are sent for recycling, and the rest is simply turned into trash.

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