Amazon turns its warehouse into a solar power plant

Amazon turns its warehouse into a solar power plant

Amazon has covered the roof of a huge warehouse in Kent, England with 11,500 giant solar panels. This system will allow Amazon to generate electricity, which is equivalent to the power supply of 700 homes per year.

The move to solar power and the installation of panels are part of Amazon’s climate commitment that was announced last year. It commits the company to move to fully renewable energy sources and become a carbon neutral business by 2040.

Amazon is keeping up with other big companies and striving to be a greener firm. This warehouse renovation is part of a promise to move to renewable energy sources by 2025.

Brittany Stanton, Senior Manager of the Energy Program at Amazon, said: “We are proud that Amazon is committed to powering its global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy sources. This installation of solar panels is just one way we can make our network more resilient. “


To achieve a 100% renewable energy transition by 2025, Amazon plans to invest in larger on-site solar installations across its warehouse network. These systems can then power other centers of the company, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. “We will also be investing in major renewable energy projects that provide energy to our local utility networks,” Stanton said.

Amazon’s commitment is directly linked to the Paris Climate Agreement, which calls on countries and companies to work to eliminate or offset carbon emissions to stop temperatures more than 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

As part of this policy, Amazon is also shifting to all-electric delivery vehicles and investing $ 100 million in reforestation projects around the world.

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