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Nature Speaks is an environmental news website and blog where we publish stories about the environment as a unique and specific issue in the world of news and information.

Along with environmental news from around the world, we also publish articles and editorials on various issues and discuss ways to approach them in a way that connects us to the problem personally and lead us to a solution.

We encourage user participation in the form of comments, discussions, and articles.


Our Vision

We dream of a well informed community where people are enlightened about environmental issues and how they influence each and every part of human life. 

The interdependence of man and nature began with life itself. It is the core on which human civilizations have thrived and evolved. However, for many years now, this balance between man and nature appears to have been disturbed. The continuous pressure on nature by man has reached unimaginable heights and yet most of us are turning a blind eye to these issues. 

Many would argue that there are a lot more pressing issues in the world apart from the environment but we aim to bring it into notice how every other problem is destined to find its origin in man’s abuse of environment and its solution in a better understanding of the environment.