A wise man will not be alone

A wise man will not be alone

A team of Italian and American researchers has discovered ,the wisdom can protect against loneliness. This is big news these days, when there is growing concern about the loneliness in all ages, especially among middle-aged and elderly people. Loneliness is consistently associated with unhealthy aging and has been recognized as a major risk factor for overall adverse health effects.

The loneliness of a person, according to the authors of the study, can be overcome by his wisdom.

Both loneliness and wisdom are personality traits that are partially inherited or determined by the environment. Wisdom, in turn, has several components, among which are empathy, compassion, self-reflection, and emotional regulation. Whereas loneliness is defined as a feeling of isolation or the absence of enough meaningful personal connections. Furthermore, research showed that loneliness is consistently associated with poor overall health, poor sleep quality, and less happiness.


Scientists surveyed a group of middle-aged and older people in the American San Diego and Italian Cilento, finding that the wiser people were less lonely, and that wisdom can be a protective factor against loneliness. In addition, the researchers found that of the main components of wisdom, empathy and compassion are especially powerful in overcoming loneliness. That is, people who are more compassionate were less lonely.

Thus, the researchers conclude that enhancing feelings of empathy and compassion to reduce stress levels and improve well-being may be critical for the future.

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